About Me


Hello folks,

I am Tshering Zangmo, from Bhutan. I completed my graduation from India. While I was in college, we made several trips to exotic places in India, mostly as an educational tour. Since then, I have been getting travel vibes.

But lately, things became busy focussing on getting a job and settling down. Then came a regular routine job to do, it did excite me and everything seemed perfect.

But sometimes my work drains me out and somehow confined me to one place, now I break through the walls and I travel. I am a person with a zestful personality, I keep filling up my bucket list whether I get it to do or not. I am never without a plan.

I go travel even to the nearest place whenever I am free, there is every slightest thing I don’t want to miss. Life is wonderful and mystery, it is more fun learning through travel than being in one place. I want more from life, like those bees who don’t stop by only one flower.

Someday our existence will be erased, why die already? Go travel, go find happiness.

No matter how I write or what I write, that is not important but my posts will enhance the zest in you, I am sure. Live as best as you can cause you and I worth it.