Drinks for the traveler

Raise your glass for the drink along the way. I know the perfect drink and the perfect time for the drink. I used to do it, my way to keep going on with the traveler spirit. There ain’t any timing for the drink, the drink has got a magic way to keep you live at whatever time you feel like to take a sip.

It is not about the coffee or tea that keeps you awake or neither about the whiskey brandy drinks that boost you high up. It is about the drink that cleans your body physically and mentally. The drink that will give you not just the sense of accomplishment but also will also give you the strength to walk on the dark side of every day with a new hope.

It is the green tea along the way. It is the part of you that nothing can take away from you. It is gonna lift your feet up while traveling, feed you with the dose of energy and will make you have the taste of traveling incredible places be your destination ever.

Green tea to be part of your plan of traveling is the plan accomplished. Green tea is most preferred world wide and considered the healthiest drink of all. Most love to drink with dipping it into the hot water and as the substitution for morning and evening tea or coffee whatever.

But the creative traveler loves to drink it in, either way, I mean in the cold water. I make sure to carry my water bottle filled with green tea. It comes in a box with several packets in it. A bottle of plain water with a packet of green tea makes the perfect drink. Also when I run out of the water in the middle of traveling, and I am not sure of the water I get on the way, whether it is clean or not, flavoring the water with a packet of green tea makes it safer to drink and quench your thirst satisfactorily.

Haaaaaaa……here I go with the gulp of green tea. It is addictively healthy.