Go Centenary Park

If you are in Thimphu, you must not miss out one place, that is Centenary park. It opens 8 am in the morning and closes at 6 pm in summer and by 5 pm in winter.

This place is for peace, love, and leisure. It has every nook and corner for every fun and engaging spot. One thing will definitely draw your attention to the place, the statue of walking Buddha, Buddha in walking pose.

It is one of a rare statue in the country. It is 45 feet tall standing on a lotus floor surrounded by dragon figures. It was gifted to our 5th king by Thailand government on his 32nd birthday in the year 2012.

The Buddha faces to Thimphu town and is a complimentary beautiful spot. The Wangchu river flows by from its back. According to TripAdvisor, the park stands at 29th position out of 57 other attractions of Thimphu.


There walking Buddha is in the center, to its left there is a platform where sometimes musical events are held. Then a canteen where you can grab on tea snacks and other refreshing drinks, spacious lawn and canopies to further beautify it. To its extreme left, there is a kids corner with sliding houses, see saws and sand play ground.

Though we don’t have beaches where we could build sand castles, it was admiring and pleasure watching those kids with their toy jumbo trucks pretend playing loading and unloading sands. Some sliding down a thousand times yet with the same zest to do again. Their parents chilling at one side, love birds into the shades. Some by the river side enjoying the river view and some circumambulating the Buddha.

Next day, I went when it was almost dark and it was about to close. I requested the keeper and he allowed me to stay for some time. The lighting was beautiful, it lit up the Buddha which cast a shadow into the air, making it look some sort of supernatural.


The moment was something valuable that I could not have been able to buy with the money I had. I was calmed down, at peace I walked around. It showered me with a content feeling.

I won’t mind sacrificing few bucks to be there but guys its free entry. Don’t miss it.