Travel Love stories

My first travel love story

A girl cried when she took her first breath. Her tiny tippy toes moved in the air when her father first held her in his arms while her mother gasped in pain.

The family rejoiced on her birth, it even spread around the village they lived as fast as the wind. Her healthy cry awakened the peace in their heart by quietening the impatience they have been going through for the past few days.

In the hustling and bustling moment, there was one quite moment when the mother last spoke in pain, “I can’t bear the pain”,  she cried out. She fought for the breath.

Her father took hold of her mother’s hand, sponged her face which was dripping out of profuse sweating. As he sooth her gently massaging on her pain by one hand, another still holding her hand.Sorely

Sorely at the slow pace, her mother sank into her bed with deep exhale, her hand turned cold and sluggish, eventually became lifeless. Her mother passed away few hours after her birth.

In a beautiful context of their life, an unusual cloud of sadness got spread over them, where the rain drizzled on them like the spit, splashing on their face like a slap.

The impact was more on her father. He kept grieving over and over again. The memories of her mother kept tormenting him.The promises they swore, the beautiful dreams that wished to live for, which got fragmented all of sudden left him with no hope.

Yet he lived with the nightmare every single day boozing off with liquor, where he in a state of tipsy found his wife by his side as beautiful as Mona Lisa.

Anny was not even a year old. She was growing beautiful like her mom was. She crawled, managed to roll and sit. She could even identify her father and grandfather with whom she began to stay.

The contest of life became even harder when her grandfather had to do all household chores. Gradually, her father grew weaker, his muscles sucked up and his bones turned brittle. He suffered from a serious illness.

Even after performing several rituals and timely check-up in the hospital, he didn’t make a progress. He was dead since the moment Anny’s mom was buried for eternal rest. He gave up peacefully.

Never lived a so-called life even for a moment after the death of her parent. Very young she was that time. She grew up like every other child but her grandfather could not effort to send her school. She lived cow herding, sometimes as a sales person selling dairy products in her locality.

“Grandpa, I sold it all” one evening Anny came running on seeing her grandfather waiting for her.

“haha…. Good job! my little girl is beginning to earn respect working hard huh”, her grandfather cheered with his tired and frail voice, on her return.

Anny dropped her basket at the door and hugged him “ Is that the way to earn respect? I thought one should go to school, be someone, then you earn respect”, she asked with her glittery eyes filled with curiosity……….

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