Primitive experiences in Pemagatshel

A week trip to Pemagatshel took me back to primitive times. It was like I did not belong to this generation. I had to wear long skirts and long drape dresses as the environment there was conserving and preserving type. Anyway, I was comfortable in my own skin.

It is a one day journey. It took around nine hours including sight seeing on the way. I took the route from Mongar, you can as well travel from Samdrup Jongkhar.

The houses from each other were far enough where you could just see but your voice won’t reach yet they call it as the neighbor. It was just the granny and grandpa staying in that place. That concerned me a lot. If it was me in their place, I would have died long way back.

They were absolutely happy. They lived on the top floor of two storied Bhutanese house, the ground floor is used as the barn. They have the incredibly large garden where potatoes and corns are grown the most. They also have a cow shed at the back.

They welcomed me with Ara, the locally brewed alcohol. The East is best known for Ara. It is a unique drink, it has a strong smell as well as strong taste. Just a few sips hit me at the back of my head and I was flying.

Next morning, luckily, there was no hangover. It was peaceful in the morning, I could hear only the sound of birds chirping and the cow mooing. I cuddled back in the bed feeling so relaxed.


After some time, I heard a sound approaching towards me. “Girly, are you up?” granny came over with a cup of tea.


“Did you sleep well?”. She asked tucking open the curtains. I sat by the window, it was beautiful, the colorful flags fluttering, the green woods, the orchard, garden and so on.

“It is milking time, I gotta go”, and granny left the room. I immediately finished up my tea and followed her. I watched her milking the cow. She did like an expert, yes, of course, this has been, after all, a routine work for her. It was interesting watching it.

On the other side was grandpa chopping fodder to feed the cow in between the milking. Once the milking was done, the cow was untied and grandpa further took along to herd into the woods.

Whereas granny stores the milk for few days. She then cooks, does laundry, weeding the garden, and so on. I mean they never stay stagnant, they always have something or other things to do.

Later in the evening, we tried making cheese and butter out of the old stored milk. The whole process of making cheese and butter was amazing. I was so carried away, I even thought I would try back home with manufactured milk.The dinner was a feast with delicious cheesy curry and salads, and Ara to compliment.

For next few days, I tried everything, I plunge into their lifestyles. It was difficult adapting at first but somehow did my best and picked it up. It turned out to be the best adventure.