Salute to those who quit their job to be a travel blogger

What makes travel blogger quit their job? If travel blogger is what they wanted to be, why did they even applied for the job? Was it to earn some savings for traveling and for marketing, or for some other reason.

Giving up on what you have been doing, the thing you later realized was not meant for you to be for someone you want to be now is pretty amazing. I don’t know why they chose to quit but I Salute to those who quit their job to be a travel blogger, to live their dream.

What is there on earth anyway, confusing human connections that at times shed you off like the landslides during heavy summer rainfall and where you stop, lingering cold and hurt, where you get solidify waiting throughout the life to happen something.

Well, I think they are those who understood themselves very well. There is no need to understand this big, big world, I think it is enough if you understand yourself.

I had huge faith in life but as the time passed by like the wind, I was rather filled with lots of doubts, no wonder why I was confronting for nothing. My eyes ached frowning every time but I did smile when I walked down the path I once loved to walk on.

Understanding people is such a tiring game, no matter how hard you try to be best, say even in the work place, it just makes you feel less. I was so much done impressing, being someone I did not want to be even for a second. I figured it out and I was like, why do I do that, why did I do that? Traveling gave me all the answers. The day I started traveling I began to sing the song of happiness, I got a feeling of first love. Never knew it could mean so much.

But I haven’t quit my job yet though I would love to be a full-time blogger, but it is good to switch on to both, one as my job and another as my passion. This way I get to learn more, where I merge my job with traveling. It is challenging at times but fun at the same time.

I salute to those full-time travel bloggers for being daring and for having been able to live their dream.