Simple as ABC, ABC dish

It so happened one day that group of friends showed up surprisingly at my place. I jumped out of bed with excitement. I always liked visiting my friends and engaging with them, no matter whatever may be the time.

They knocked me at an odd hour, It was broad day light but I was still in my bed cause it was Sunday. My friends began to squeeze in through the main door.

I stood with a smile, I was in sleep gown, uncombed hair, glued eyes with bogies which I immediately swabbed off by the wipes. They all looked so relaxed in loose clothing and in less makeup. They comfortably perched on the sofa.

“We brought bottles of beer, hope we can get some snacks from here?”. My talkative friend said opening the lids.

I walked into the kitchen, immediately picked few glasses for the beer, but as I went back in to give glasses, there were already gulping directly from the bottle.

“Guys, glass?”

“Nah, we are good”

“I will prepare some snacks then”, I went back to the kitchen.

“Need help?”, another friend voiced me.

“No, I am OK”

I was actually not ok, I looked around, checked all the shelves but could not find anything for snacks.

“Are you coming”, my friends called me out.

I said, “Wait, I am almost done”.

I stood by the stove for a quite some time. I had few packets of noodles and pasta at one corner, I was like how do I make snacks out of it and moreover it was time-consuming. Meantime I could hear my friends blabbering.

“We are going for the second one and she is still in the kitchen, why is she taking so long?”

“I am coming”, I said still figuring what to do. I opened the refrigerator, I saw a tin of ham and few carrots lying chilled. That chilled my brain immediately. I didn’t know what I was up to but my hands began to open the tin and sliced it into small pieces.

The heated pan was still on, added few drops of oil and fried them a bit until it turned a little brown. Platted on the white plate but it looked incomplete, I knew I needed something to garnish but it was only the carrots.


It was anyway better to have something than nothing, so immediately I peeled, washed and grated the carrots. I sprinkled over it, I thought it will go better with the ham slices as it is usually salty.

The final call came, “Tada……..I am done, here it is…..I placed it on the table. Their expressions were expressive that touched my heart and it was quite a memory.