Steps toward Traveling

I could not accept the fact that I was stuck in a place where I did not want to be. Spider webs were formed at every corner trapping me in. No matter how hard I tried, it kept eating me out bit by bit. Through the net, I waved my hand for help but no body seemed to see it, my throat was cut off by those invincible souls yet the voices in me grew louder.

I went to sleep each night on my own, keeping my worldly illusions under my bed rest, ignoring those noises from inside telling me to listen. My mind went wild cause I could not free myself, It hurt to be stuck.

Traveling was the wake-up call, it gave me the sense that I could as well be invincible. Since then, I started to cut the network of threads that have been holding me back.

I had a moment with the sky looking blank at me. It showered upon me with heavy rainfall letting me cry under his cover and questioned me whether I would smile or cry if I had to go further this way. I smiled and began to travel.

Traveling slowly healed every wound and scars in me, everything seemed to mend the broken heart. My shattered dreams began to find its own missing puzzle and fit its place perfectly.

The place is the same but the sunshine I see is the new one every day. I broke through the web and started seeing the incredible things which left me breathless.

I made my first passport in early August 2007 and traveled first to south India. It was a complete break through, I even chose to take up my studies in one of the science colleges down in the South.

It was the first-time experience traveling on the train, that too for three days and two night in the train. I was totally transformed into a typical south Indian lady.

It took few days for me to adjust but not so long, I soon started liking everything, the food, their dress, language, rich culture, and the people. I stayed there for almost five years. It was a wonderful experience. It was the real adventure thing……..