The dark tale

I have been passing through the place for about two years now. The place always managed to seize my gaze on it. The moment I lay my eyes on it, it spells its magic.

The intensive divine eyes say something that you want to know. Starting from day one, I was taken back by its power and all I wanted to do was to go visit the place. But all I didn’t have was the time as usual.

Never the less, I managed to ask people about its existence. Shockingly, no body had the right clue about it or maybe I didn’t come across anybody who knew.

But like the rumors, one said: ” It is said that once the Stupa was on the verge of vandalizing and that those intensive divine eyes seem to have stared being furious at those culprits”. Since then the Stupa has marked as the spiritual existence flourishing it’s divine power to the people and the place.

Its tip touches the sky and its base on the ground as if like it is an extension to the heaven. People look to it with immense faith, go around it reciting prayers, wishing peace for every sentient beings.


It’s magical pull was still in me, it was like the tug of war with my work and the Stupa. Sooner, I released the pull and visited the place on one weekend. People were there circumambulating, prostrating to the Stupa and chanting prayers.

As I entered the premises, I could hear the sound of hymning to the god, the auspicious sound of the bell, it was truly amazing. But I was like how can it not have a history, how and when did it come to an existence, who built it? it kept ticking my mind and I felt unsatisfied for not being able to know about this magnificent piece.

None the less, I have started to believe that it has dropped from the heaven for all the sentient beings. No wonder why there is peace in the place and people living in harmony. It just felt so right to be there.