The hidden survival

Little did people know they were meant to be face to face till an unusual sign appeared. It was just the same usual day, sunny and the people diffused into their respective chores. For several days, it went unnoticed, maybe it was just a small trace at first.

Later on, the sign soon gave a unconcealable mark on it. There was a huge crack at the back side of the wall of Wengkhar Lhakhang. It is believed that Takchu and Wenggkhar Lhakhang are considered, Pho-mo, which means male and female.

Since they were not in face to face for some reason, it is believed that Wengkhar Lhakhang began to crack naturally as if heart broken for not being able to see the other half.

Takchu is high up in the mountains overlooking the Wengkhar Lhakhang and whole Mongar town. I desperately wanted to go and yes I made it yesterday. It took almost an hour drive to reach high up in the mist.

Each time I traveled, I would always fix my eyes on the mountain top and would always wonder who else could be living over there. I was on the top and it felt like the hidden one peace land in the whole world.

Years and years back, once the Takchu temple caught fire and everything began to collapse and it is believed that a statue of Guru Rinpoche flew out of the outrageous fire. The statue is still preserved. The visitors are allowed to catch a glimpse of the statute and worship. How fortunate I felt to be here, this felt like the greatest gift being a solo traveler.


To add to the mysterious story that I have been narrating about Takchu, recently, there was another fire that started out from burning down the bushes, the fire grew stronger and uncontrollable. The farmers could not stop the fire even after several attempts, it grew stronger with the wind.

The villagers feared the temple would catch the fire as well, to protect the temple they tried every means to stop the fire. When the beastly fire rose almost an inch near to the temple, the sky showered with heavy rain and the fire was blown off in a second like the waves returning to the ocean.

The villagers were stunned upon what just happened right in front of their eyes. It was such an unbelievable and unforgettable moment. The place remained hidden and flourished in peace and happiness which I got to explore and experience the ultimate peace.