The onliest reflective thinking to plan a perfect picnic

Do you care to plan your picnic? or is it the best unplanned? Sometimes deciding only the spot and the foods are sufficient for a perfect picnic, keeping it as simple as that.

But there are some who does the listing activities, who review the spot and note down necessary picnic items, even incorporate few programs, where picnic almost look like an award function party.

The picnic isn’t any way the definite thing, it depends on an individual group, how they want their picnic to be. In the place where I live, we love especially the river site for a picnic where we can cook, drink, swim and do various leisure activities on weekends and on holidays, which we call it as the wet picnic.

The men, they go for collecting the firwoods and fetches water from the river whereas the females do the cutting and chopping work, and they cook together. The kids and elders play, talk over refreshments, enjoys watching everyone blending together.

The dry picnic is when we don’t cook. We rather carry already cooked food from home. We go to the spot, we unpack the food, eat, drink, we sing and dance to our favorite songs.

Sometimes we tend to just casually plan a picnic and randomly run through the places ruining the picnic, and sometimes the weather refuses to favor where we land up canceling the picnic plan.

The onliest reflective thinking we need to do while planning a picnic is to have a backup plan. Since we always hope for the best, we never think of unpredictability of situations that may or may not occur.

Planning a backup plan is as easy as answering few “What if” questions, like, what if our picnic spot is already booked by some other group? What if it rains? What if cooking becomes difficult and time-consuming? what if something emergency comes out all of a sudden? what if the place is not so good, as expected? and so on….

Pre-Reflective thinking prepares you for a perfect picnic and well equipped if it fails. Whereby the plan remains at your hand, in your control no matter what.

Enjoy every picnic you plan with perfection.