Travel confession

You might land up trying your rotten luck. Sometimes the zest for travel may put you in thick soup and your travel journey may become one bad nightmare. There is one confession I would like to share that makes me feel that I should have taken care of.

I once traveled to Nepal alone, everything was scheduled and programmed through a local travel agent. It was in the year 2015, it was a week trip. Well, I had my cell phone with me but I did not get any SIM card as I thought it was just a week trip and moreover had few procedures which I was lazy to do.

I used the wifi services in the hotel, connected home, and my friends through social media. While I enjoyed going around exploring the exotic places, I did not carry my cell phone as it won’t work without the new SIM card. The driver from the agent took me around, so never thought of carrying a cell phone, even if I did it would be dead lying in my hand bag.

When it was the last day in Nepal, while I had my last outing in the Buddhist colony, well world knows what happened on 25th April 2015. Guys there was the horrific earthquake that shook death out of me.

More than ten thousand people died and I was lost in the scene. I knew my death was sure. I cursed myself for not having the cell phone, I panicked, I ran here and there but it was hopeless. I knew no one would know where I was and even I could not ask for help, everyone was in pain.

I stood numbly watching dreadful thing happening. I gasped, even more, when there was another shake, we all screamed in fear, that felt like the end of the world.

But I must say, I was lucky enough, my driver came looking for me and took me safely back to the hotel.

Guys, always make sure to fill up the form and get their new SIM card each time you visit other countries, don’t just depend on social media. I could have informed my home and the agent for the help and who knows I could have helped few but all I did was panic and almost cried feeling helpless.

So, guys, your phone be charged full and carry where ever you go, no matter where you go and no matter how long you stay.