We call it Chowmein, my everyday lunch.

What do you guys normally eat for lunch? Nah! I don’t follow any diet plan or tips for eating what is best, neither I am someone who eats whatever is on the menu or something that pops out all of a sudden.

Well, I eat chowmein for lunch every single day and I never get enough of it. I have like surrendered my life to chowmein. For lunch, It is like either chowmein or nothing else.

One fine day, I was out of the station, it was impossible for me to check in every single restaurant looking for chowmein. I did attempt few and I found most of the restaurant actually served chowmein in their own style. The only difference was the taste.

It took me some time to convince my taste buds that it was only a few ingredients that are making big difference. Well, that too was depending on the people in the region preferred chowmein to be served.

Anyway, it was good for a change. It was spicy and cheesy equally worth surrendering. They added more chili, garlic and ginger paste and cheese, strands of chowmein totally blended in those ingredients.

My regional Chowmein recipe requires:

  1. Bowl of boiled noodles
  2. Chopped onion, chilli, and tomato
  3. Chopped coriander
  4. soya sauce
  5. Pinch of salt
  6. Two tablespoon oil
  7. Frying pan

The procedure starts with heating up the oil in the pan, then to add chopped spices except for coriander along with the pinch of salt. Then followed by soya bean sauce and the noodles. It is your choice how long you want to fry.

Keep mixing the ingredients. Sprinkle the coriander at last when you think it is ready. The chowmein goes well with tomato sauce, chilli paste and also with a slice of lemon.

Try and discover your own twist.